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There is a huge choice of fireproof safes in the market and it is difficult and sometimes confusing to make a buying decision without some guidance. You may want to purchase a safe due to either an event that has triggered your need to buy a safe or simply because your insurance policy states that you need to have one for your property or business. Ultimately, you purchase a safe to protect an item from being stolen or damaged in the event of a burglary, fire and increasingly flooding.

When purchasing a safe consider what would happen if you lost the key or forgot the code to gain entry. Not all brands offer a key replacement or code retrieval service. Which you may need very quickly to gain access to your safe. However, there are locksmith companies, which provide a key replacement and code retrieval service to ensure that you can access your safe again quickly. You will need to keep some evidence, such as an invoice, about your purchase in a safe place. However this should not be in the safe itself. So that when the need arises you can quickly request a new key or a new access code.

Fire Resistant Safe

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Find the Best Fitting Fireproof Safes for your Property!

Fireproof safes, also called fire safes, should protect the contents from fire while still providing some level of protection from theft. It’s important that all safes claiming to offer a level of protection from fire have this independently certified from a 3rd party test agency. This is important because you want to be able to trust the safe you have purchased to perform exactly in accordance with the manufacturer’s claims.

Most fire tests will offer 3 levels of fire resistant in terms of time:

  1. Good = 30 mins
  2. Better = 60 mins
  3. Best = 120 mins

The temperatures vary slightly between tests but are mostly:

  1. 1549°F
  2. 1700°F
  3. 1850°F

The UL (USA) Class 350 test also includes a drop test after burning to ensure the door of the safe doesn’t open if dropped from a height (simulating a floor in a burning building collapsing). The 2 drop tests are:

  1. 15ft
  2. 30ft

Waterproof Safes

Some fire safes in the market also protect its contents from water. There are two grades of water protection. Protection against immersion (flooding) and protection against spray (from a fire fighter’s hose).

The locksmiths offer a range of special fireproof safes for the permanent storage and protection of hard drives. Thus, these hard drives stay inside of a fireproof safe. And are powered and linked to via a USB connection that passes through the wall of the safe. Hence, this allows you to automatically create computer backups to external hard drives which are stored in a fireproof safe without ever having to move or unplug hard drives for backup purposes.

When you have a need to choose the best fitting fireproof safes for your home or business, you can call a locksmith to help you pick the best option. They will also make sure to provide you extra keys or codes retrieval. In case you are locked out of the safe you already have.

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