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How to Fix the Door Latches?

With the door latches stuck, you want to know how to fix the issue. But in order to do that you must find out the reason it jams. There are several different ways a door latch can be stuck. There can be a door latch stuck open or a door latch stuck closed. But the reasons for each can vary quite a bit. The first step is to troubleshoot the issue and get a sense of what the symptoms are with the door latch stuck in its position.

With the door latches stuck only when you are attempting to open a closed door. But not when the door is open, you might have a misaligned strike plate. The reason the strike plate has become misaligned might have something to do with moisture expanding the wood of your door, or perhaps even an issue with the foundation of your home not being secure. In either case, this type of issue bounds to recur with annual or semi-annual frequency.

What is happening on a physical level is that when you are trying to retract or extend the latch into the bored hole of the strike plate. The metal latch is not falling into the hole perfectly. This can lead to scrapping that requires excess force to have the latch retract against the friction of metal sliding against metal. This is likely to come along with a door latch stuck in as it cannot extend into the hole.

Fixing the Door Latches

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A short term fix is to move the strike plate to align better with the stuck door latch. By shutting your door, you can mark the point on the door frame that latch is coming in contact with. From there you can either widen the hole both of the wood and metal. Or you can unscrew the strike and re-secure it in the proper position. However, if you are only moving the strike up, down, or to the side slightly. Then you may not be able to simply re-screw it into the frame. When holes are too close together, they can compromise the screw strength as a thin splinter of wood separating two holes makes the strike plate very insecure.

Another option you should consider when you need to fix the stuck door latches, is to call a professional locksmith in your city. If you are not sure that the way you tried to fix the door latch will last for long time. It’s better to address the professional. The locksmiths use special equipment and they will do it at the professional level. If you call the locksmith to fix the door latches, they will make sure to fix it permanently. They will make a proper diagnosis and determine if the door latch is fixable. Or if they will need to change the locks completely.

So, whenever you need to fix or replace the door latches, call a locksmith in your area.

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