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Did your key break off inside the ignition lock cylinder? Or maybe your car key won’t turn in ignition or it comes out while the vehicle is still running? Then probably you have a broken ignition cylinder and need to replace it. If your car key stuck and won’t turn, you should be careful about it and not force the key to turn of pull it out. If you turn or pull it too hard you may damage not only the key, but the ignition itself also. So, what should you do if your key doesn’t turn in the ignition?

Car Key Extraction

Your car has a steering lock that clicks into place when you take the car key out of the ignition. This prevents thieves from being able to steer your car if they hot-wire it. (Nothing will actually stop a determined thief, but automakers typically add this feature to deter thieves.) The steering lock could have set in just the right place when you turned the car off. So it prevents the key from being able to disengage that steering wheel lock. This can result in an inability to turn the ignition on.

In this case, the fix is easy. All you have to do is turn the wheel a little bit in either direction while you twist the head of the key in the ignition to start the vehicle. In other words, jiggle the wheel a bit while turning the key gently. Did the ignition move with your key in it? If so, that’s the solution to the problem.

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Key Won't Turn in Ignition

What to Do If Key Won’t Turn in Ignition?

If the problem is deeper than the steering lock, and the key is really stuck for good, it’s better not to try and get it out by yourself. Sometimes, the key may be worn out or bent and that may be the reason why it won’t turn or come out. In this case you’d better find a local locksmith professional that can help you with that. First of all, they have special tools that will allow them to extract the key out of ignition without damaging it. Also, if the key is defective, you can get a replacement ignition key from them. As the saying goes, it’s better be safe than sorry.

Don’t continue using the old key if you had this situation even once. Of course, it may be an expense you didn’t plan to replace the car key right away. But it definitely will save your time and money in the future. So, the mobile locksmith can make a replacement car key for you at your location. They have all the necessary equipment in their vans. Also, let them asses you ignition after extracting the key to determine if it was damaged in any way or not. Depending on that they can also replace or repair your ignition, but hopefully you took the right actions right on time, so no damage happened.

So, whenever you have any problems with your ignition keys, your best option is to call local locksmiths, who work in your area and get a replacement for the car keys or ignition repair.

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